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Carlos Yudica is an accomplished photographer and graphic designer. Each step in his career path has given Carlos new individual skills and talents. The scope of his experience starts with the beginning of the commercial Internet through today's social media applications. Carlos' experience allows him to understand and appreciate the intricacies of web design as well as creating and editing the visual content. All of these tasks require creative skills, which Carlos keeps current as new iterations of developmental tools become available.

Working in a tech start up in the heyday of the first Internet bubble, Carlos developed his skills in graphic design used in advertising and assisted in producing new product packaging. Subsequently, his skills in graphic design lead him to much success in a Miami based architecture firm, when in 2008 he won two internationally based awards for his work. Now freelancing, Carlos has enhanced his skills in fashion and product photography, and has had his work placed in international publications. Additionally, Carlos has a substantial and growing collection of stock photography for download on Shutterstock, a premier service for this part of his business.

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